Recertification is now offered by Continuing Education Credits!

The National Asthma Education Certification Board (NAECB) has performed an extensive investigation regarding the process for recertifying by Continuing Education Units (CEUs).We are pleased to announce that the Board has approved the option of utilizing CEUs for recertifying, rather than just by examination alone.
A certificant whose credentials will expire within the next year must submit all required forms, including documentation of 35 continuing education units pertaining to asthma before the deadline of their expiration date, in order to be considered for recertification by continuing education units. If your credentials have expired, you will be eligible to recertify by examination only.
The Board has determined that 35 continuing education units in asthma-related content will constitute recertification for the AE-C® credential. Please see the official protocol outlined in the recertification document located on"Certificant Corner" page .While recertification by examination is valid for 7 years, recertification by continuing education units is valid for 5 years.
The Board has formed an expert panel of certified asthma educators who will evaluate the continuing education courses for validity to ensure that they are pertinent to the Detailed Content Outline (DCO), which can be downloaded and viewed in the handbook. The DCO serves as the matrix for the NAECB examination.
Go to "Certificant Corner" for online application process. The booklet has information regarding the process and documentation needed to complete the recertification process. It is recommended that the certificant download and refer to the booklet available on the application page of the website.
All details must be filled in completely on the mail in form and the online form. Any information not complete will postpone the recredentialing process.
We look forward to working with our certificants to make this as smooth of a process as possible.
Linda B. Ford Scholarship is now open for application. Download the application for more details. Scholarship Application
Congratulations to Michelle Mahoney LPN, AE-C 2015 scholarship winner for passing the exam!


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